Western-style Bull Horn Wall Decor

Whether you call them mounted bull horns or steer horns, or even longhorn cow horns (yes, longhorn females do grow horns), mounted longhorns are a great decorative gift. They can be the perfect addition to the western decor of any person's home or office. Hang them on the wall or mount them to your truck. Take a look at some examples of various sizes, colors, and styles here.

Genuine horns made in Texas!

Our horns are the best! These are high-quality mounted horns made in Texas. Real horns, not plastic. The mountings use genuine leather, not rope or vinyl. And these are hand finished and hand assembled. We've been makin' 'em since 1937. We know what we're doing.

Have a special request?

If you have your own horns you need mounted or have some other special need, contact us. Chances are, we can handle your request. That's no bull! And if the horns shown here aren't big enough for you, by all means, let us know how big you want them. We are based in Texas, so of course larger horns are available!

If you are ordering horns and choose a shipping method other than UPS Ground, we may need to adjust your shipping charge after you order. If this is necessary, we will notify you of the adjustment before shipping your order. We insure all horn shipments for the purchase price. Thank you!

If you have a business and are interested in a wholesale account, please call our shop at (817) 927-8061.

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